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The MHW Group Family of Companies

Comprised of three companies, the MHW Group Family of Companies, is headquartered in Reisterstown, Maryland. We are a privately held company providing end-to-end asset based cold supply chain solutions. Through the company’s buying power, technology and human capital, we offer competitive options in three areas: Refrigerated Railcar Leasing, Cold Storage Warehousing and Refrigerated Trucking. The MHW Group provides customers with a unique transportation and logistics program that truly fits their needs.


Cryo-Trans, Inc. offers the largest fleet of privately-owned, mechanically refrigerated and insulated railcars. By the end of 2016, Cryo-Trans, Inc. will have in excess of 1800 private railcars on the North American railway network. 

Presently, we have the following in our fleet:

64’ Mechanically Refrigerated Railcars = 343
72’ Mechanically Refrigerated Railcars = 1055
68’ Insulated Railcars = 426

Cryo-Trans, Inc. will be donating a 64’ CO2 railcar to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore this year after it has been completely refurbished.



Cryo-Trans offers a robust leasing program which allows producers of perishable goods the opportunity to control their own assets. Cryo-Trans provides both railcar leasing and rail transportation management services throughout North America (United States, Canada and Mexico).

Cryo-Trans, Inc. (CTI) focuses on helping food and beverage companies ship their temperature-controlled products by rail. The utilization of our private railcar fleet, equipped with leading edge technology, makes it easy for our customers to capitalize on lofty transportation savings and more efficient rail transportation.

We are a full-service lessor to our customers, which includes the management of all maintenance and operational issues related to the fleet. Additionally, CTI tailors its refrigerated railcar leasing program to each customer's specific program needs. This customized approach helps each food and beverage company integrate rail transportation into their supply chain in the most effective and efficient way possible.

We offer three different types of temperature controlled equipment for an array of customer products. 



Our 64’ interior-length boxcar is better suited for perishable commodities that will “weigh out” a railcar before the products “cube out” the available space in the car. See the specifications for a 64’ reefer car.

Ideal Commodities for a 64’ reefer are:                                                                                   
Cheese / Butter / Frozen Poultry / Frozen Pork / Frozen Beef / Fresh Potatoes / Fresh Onions / Beverages



CTI’s 72’ interior-length boxcar is designed to carry perishable commodities that “cube out” the cars' interior volume before they “weigh out” the allowed carrying capacity. All of the 72’ Mechanically Refrigerated Railcars have the capability of running on all high speed trains. See the specifications for a 72’ reefer car.

Ideal Commodities for a 72’ reefer car:
Frozen French fries / Frozen Vegetables – bulk totes / Frozen Vegetables – finished case goods / Confectionary Products / All light-Weight Packaged Goods



CTI’s 68’ Insulated railcar is manufactured with five inches of insulation and is specially designed to haul temperature-sensitive commodities that don’t need mechanical refrigeration. See the specifications for an insulated 68’ boxcar fleet.

Because the insulated railcars do not have the weight of the refrigeration unit, the insulated railcars have a load limit of 194,000 lbs.

Ideal Commodities for a 68’ insulated railcar:
Wine / Juice / Beer / Canned Goods / Pickles / Other Confections



CTI's private cars can be modified to suit the lessee's unique needs. Our patented fixed racking system is very successful in transporting fragile products. This system may be built into any CTI car.

CTI's private cars can be equipped with a mobile stacking system, which is unique to each customer’s needs and can support the transportation of sensitive products. This system may be used in any CTI car.  



Lease terms start at three years and go as long as twenty-five years, depending on the equipment required and the customer’s expectations.  

Trip leases are also available for short term testing with no long term obligation. This allows the customer the opportunity to “test the concept” with one or two railcars for 90 to 120 days.



The entire CTI railcar fleet is rated to a 286,000 lb. total gross weight rail capacity, which is the heaviest allowable weight on the rail system. Additionally, all of our cars are “excess height” (Plate F) which allows for the most interior space in the boxcar and the largest cubic capacity.



To complement our refrigerated railcar leasing program, CTI provides complete Mechanical Protective Service (MPS) for our car fleet. MPS is crucial to keeping the integrity of the cargo and ensuring that the refrigeration units are operating as required. See how our MPS program works.

CTI also provides complete tracking and tracing of our railcars to ensure on time service and proactive exception management. Click here for information on our Railcar Management Program (RMP). 

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are successfully managing their rail programs by maximizing their fleet utilization.

Please contact our Sales Department for more information. 

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